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Why the Stakeholder Engagement Survey?

MissionBox is interested in how your nonprofit is engaging with critical stakeholders: Major Donors, Board Members/Trustees, Volunteers, Staff, Coalition Partners, Advocates, Service Recipients and more.

What does engagement mean?  It means connecting ― regularly and confidentially communicating with both the heart and mind of your constituents and stakeholders, making it easy for different stakeholder groups to learn, connect, interact and contribute.  Your constituents are your most likely funders and volunteers. Engagement for clients mean helping them to contribute in a meaningful way to their own goal planning and case management.  It also means helping them mitigate isolation through building safe and related communities.

Engagement does not mean “chasing” stakeholders with emails, invitations, surveys, stories, planning and governance documents ― did you know emails sent by nonprofits to their members of their stakeholder groups have a 37% open rate and only 4.7% of attachment to their emails are opened.  So … you may think your blasts of communication are creating a connection, but they may not.  For instance, nonprofits lose 57 out of 100 major donors, each year.  The reason?  Major donors report a lack of understanding, connection and engagement in the nonprofit.

How to Improve Engagement with MissionBox Engagement Communities™

MissionBox Engagement Communities software is a private, password protected community building software that provides a secure, completely interactive platform for stakeholder collaboration, communication, education and connection. Each Engagement Communities group is completely customizable by non-technical staff, user friendly, supports collaborative work in any language and is completely mobile enabled.

Engagement Communities: Features

MissionBox powered Engagement Communities'" provides one secure, customizable, online center to access all the great features below. Best of all, all tools are accessed via a unique user name and password in a guaranteed private. managed environment, available through any device, both desktop and mobile. With free user seats & cloud storage, you can invite a limitless number of leadership and live staff to learn, connect, share and shine.

Please contact if you would like to learn more about Engagement Communities and we’ll chat with you about how you can access this extremely affordable software platform.

The Survey Question

Do you feel that all your stakeholder groups are fully engaged with your nonprofit, including major donors, board members, clients and staff/volunteers?

Answer Option #1: Yes 

“Yes” means that you rarely lose major donors, board members/volunteers or staff, coalitions of programs easily work together to achieve mission goals and your clients are empowered to participate in their own goal setting/case planning from intake through post-discharge

Answer Option #2: No

“No” means it is sometimes difficult to retain major funders and always a challenge to increase engagement with board members and to retain good volunteers and staff. Coalition progress, documentation or impact could be improved. You may also have some issues with your clients fully participating throughout the entire continuum of case planning and care.


Please answer yes or no in the box below.  When you do so, you will be prompted to log in as a member or create an account with your email. MissionBox, Inc. is GDPR compliant and will never sell or share your email or name. Please note, your organization is only eligible for this award if the state or country in which your nonprofit is registered allows such random drawings.

On February 29th, a MissionBox Nonprofit Advisory Board member will randomly select the winner of a $250.00 Amazon gift certificate from a compilation of all survey responder names. MissionBox will announce the winner in our March issue of, the publication.


User responses

Do you feel that all your stakeholder groups are fully engaged with your nonprofit, including major donors, board members, clients and staff/volunteers?

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