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MissionBox has growing numbers of nonprofit leadership readers since launch.

Since initial launch, has had close to 325,000 nonprofit leader visitors who read an average of two articles and remained on the site for between 12-15 minutes. 20 percent of our readers return, resulting in 340,000 visitor sessions and 525,000 page views.

MissionBox attracts over 25,000 new nonprofit readers, month over month.

Where our nonprofit visitors live

  • 83 percent of readers come from the U.S.
  • 8.5 percent come from the UK
  • The remaining amount of visitors come to us from Australia, India and Canada

Does MissionBox attract nonprofit decision-makers?

Over 17,000 nonprofit or charity staff and high-level influencers and over 2,000 nonprofit organizations (with staff names and roles) have registered on MissionBox, with these registrations growing at an average of several thousand per month. Most registered users/organizations hold executive management titles such as Executive Director, President, CEO, CFO, COO, Founder and Program Director.

With a visitor “bounce” rate of less than 10 percent, our readers recognize that they have come to the right place at reader nonprofit roles

Based upon a statistically relevant sample of 10 percent of our total readership, three-quarters of the over 200,000 unique visitors who are reading MissionBox articles have self-identified with the following nonprofit roles:

  • Nonprofit Board Member
  • Nonprofit Consultant
  • Donor to Nonprofits
  • Nonprofit Executive Management
  • Funder/Foundation
  • Nonprofit Staff Member
  • Nonprofit Active Volunteer

The remaining one-quarter self-identify as “Nonprofit Supporter”

MissionBox reader demographics and affinities readers are primarily between the ages of 35-64 and 67 percent are women. Predominant user affinities reflect readers who are educated and have higher earnings and disposable income: they are avid readers, are interested in politics and current news, prioritize leisure travel and have hobbies.

How do our MissionBox nonprofit visitors find us?

Nearly half 50 of our readers are sourced via organic search, which means Google and other search engines are ranking our key articles in the top three results, and readers are finding us through simple topic searches. 30 percent are sourced from readers looking specifically for, meaning our reputation is growing! The remaining 20 percent of readers find us through social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Our user numbers exceed our KPIs for 2018 and demonstrate that our SEO and social media strategies are successful at bringing ever increasing numbers of nonprofit stakeholders. We have published over 1,000 curated articles and add to that number at a rate of about 20 per week.

We plan to accelerate our advertising market plan in fall of 2018.



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