Shout-Out Your Superstar Volunteer for a $1000 Thank-You Award

| Updated April 10, 2018

MissionBox wants to show appreciation for the critical work of volunteers around the world.

MissionBox is celebrating National Volunteer month by gathering great stories and thanking volunteers. During the month of April, we are asking nonprofits and charities to nominate a superstar volunteer by telling us their story. MissionBox will publish some of the best submissions and award two $1000 (USD or equivalent) cash "thank you" gifts* to the most recommended volunteers via crowdsourced voting on MissionBox.

  • Application launch date: April 2nd, 9:00 a.m. CDST.
  • Application close date: April 30th, 5:00 p.m. CDST.
  • Winning Superstar Shout-Out Awards volunteers will be interviewed on Facebook on May 5th.

Steps to apply

1. To apply: In 250 words or less, tell us about what makes your nominated volunteer so special to your organization. You are also invited to include a photo of your Superstar Volunteer (but this is optional).

2. Upload your volunteer story to the documents section in your organization's completed MissionBox profile. Please name your document with the following format: Volunteer Nominee and the name of the volunteer. Example: Volunteer Nominee Jane Doe. And that's it!

  • Instructions for setting up an Organization profile are below. It is up to you to follow ALL the directions. It's quick and easy to complete.

Registering Your Organization to Qualify

3. Ask your organization's supporters to recommended your nominated superstar volunteer via the "recommend" button in your completed MissionBox organizational profile.

4. Award recipients will be selected based upon the number of recommendations received for your nominated volunteer in your MissionBox organizational profile.

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How to get your supporters to recommend your volunteer

After you have uploaded your nominated volunteer story to you organization's profile on MissionBox, copy the organization profile URL from your browser's address bar, and share the link with your constituent groups and supporters. Ask them to visit your profile and recommend your volunteer by clicking the "thumbs up".

Each supporter can only vote once and will need to provide their email. NOTE: MissionBox does not share, sell or distribute any protected information, such as emails, regarding organizations, readers or supporters (For UK: MissionBox is GDPR compliant).

You can can track the number of votes for your nominated volunteer by going to your organizational profile and viewing your count. We will be updating the list of the most recommended on the hour here.

MissionBox will publish the top-recommended volunteer stories.

MissionBox will interview the two selected award winners for Visionary articles on MissionBox about their volunteer experience with your organization.

Terms and Conditions

One submission per registered organization or charity.

Recipients will be selected based upon the number of "recommends" on your completed MissionBox organizational profile.

Please read the Award Submission Guidelines in full prior to submitting your application. Submission of an application nominating a volunteer indicates you understand and agree to MissionBox grant award submission guidelines.

MissionBox Award Submission Guidelines

*If your organization will not allow volunteers to receive cash gifts, MissionBox will provide a gift card to the retailer of the volunteer’s choice or make a donation to the organization of their choice.

Please note: If you had previous recommendations on your organization profile from our February 2018 grant, they will be temporarily cleared, but restored after April 30th, 2018.

MissionBox editorial content is offered as guidance only, and is not meant, nor should it be construed as, a replacement for certified, professional expertise.

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