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Exclusive partners access a higher number of pre-qualified referrals at a lower acquisition cost

As a MissionBox Exclusive Partner, you can choose the percentage of exclusivity that best fits your budget and marketing needs, from 30 percent - 100 percent, MissionBox Partnerships provide your business with the highest level of:

  • Visibility
  • Relevance
  • Insight
  • Reach

MissionBox Business Partnerships ensure that your business/service is exclusively placed and matched with interested nonprofit decision-makers. You will not be displayed with competitors, according to your percentage of exclusivity. All resulting in a higher number of pre-qualified referrals at a lower acquisition cost.

Business Partners choose one major category of content in the taxonomy and two related sub-categories. Business Partner ads are exclusively (by taxonomy category) displayed on homepage or landing pages. This same exclusivity is applied to both sponsored MissionBox and native content.

Specific Partnership Benefits by Percentage of Exclusivity

Specific Partnership Benefits

By Percentage of Exclusivity

Visibility: Your Business Profile served to interested nonprofits

Visibility in a variety of high-impact ways:

  • Affinity-Matching your profile with interested ideal customers on related content is key to identifying your preferred customers.
  • Scale for such visibility is expanded via advertising on Doubletake social media posts and newsletters.
  • Full profile includes contact information, branding and customer recommendations.
  • Add videos and case stories to your profile.
  • You can specify the sidebar or banner ads links to direct pre-qualified nonprofits to your MissionBox full profile or your website

Relevance: Affinity-Matching Technology

Our proprietary targeting algorithm ensures that exclusive recommendations of your business or service are displayed on related content pages by percentage of exclusivity.

Customer Insight and Information: Livestreaming nonprofit conversations/Q&As

Demos and trainings provided by your business

Our audience engagement features and functionality provide you with exclusive invitations to participate in livestreaming conversations. Your MissionBox partnership enables you to schedule and invite ideal nonprofits to your livestreaming demos and/or archived presentations (i.e., knowledge expert series)

Lead Generation

You can integrate your analytics platform with MissionBox to retrieve:

  • Information/analytics on impressions
  • Profile views
  • Requests for more info via profile
  • Clicks directly to your website

Advanced targeting and guaranteed reach

Your exclusivity level and your targeting preferences are guaranteed for nonprofit type, size preferences, mission focus preferences, geographic reach of your business products and services.

Competitive Share

You can publish your own native content or sponsor MissionBox Gold content in accordance with your exclusivity level.

Partnership Ad Benefits

  • Choose placement size/s
  • Select target and reach
  • Ensure duration to your select audience

Content sponsorship with ads are included in Business Partnership costs

Sponsored Content (MissionBox and Native)

Business Partners are invited to publish your own native content, edited to conform with the MissionBox style guide. You can also sponsor MissionBox content, the amount of which is only limited by percentage of exclusivity.

MissionBox currently has 1,000+ articles, expertly researched and edited, on a comprehensive variety of nonprofit operations and mission-focused service delivery, from around the world. MissionBox global team of writers and editors are adding 25-50 articles per week.

Sponsorship messages may include:

  • Non-promotional descriptions of the organization and its products or services
  • Language that describes a quality or feature of a product or service in qualitative terms, provided it is not overly promotional and is true and accurate
  • Availability of a discount or special offer
  • Reference to free trials or products that are free
  • Language directing the user to the sponsor's website or another source for more information, to redeem a discount or offer, or to purchase an item
  • Tracking language such as "promo code MissionBox", "offer code MissionBox" and "coupon code MissionBox"

Sponsorship messages may not include:

  • Specific product or service pricing
  • Comparative language that makes reference to or denigrates a competitor
  • Language that expresses views of an issue of public importance or controversy
  • Promotion language for prescription drug products or FDA regulated medical devices
  • Clinical test claims or similar claims
  • Language that implies a MissionBox endorsement or testimonial
  • Language or design attributes that mimic editorial content

Creative Specs for content sponsorship ads

Native content is an article that is written by the client/sponsor. Sponsors will receive a 720x150 sized ad after the second paragraph in their article, a byline that reads; Paid and Posted by (NAME OF SPONSOR) and a 100x100 logo.

Ad Placement:

  • If there are seven or less paragraphs — the ad will appear at the bottom of the content
  • If there are 8-11 paragraphs — the ad will appear above the halfway paragraph
  • If there are 12+ paragraphs — the ad will appear above the 1/3 paragraph

File requirements:

  • Files must be a .jpeg or .png
  • 40kb to 100kb preferred file size — 2 mb max

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MissionBox editorial content is offered as guidance only, and is not meant, nor should it be construed as, a replacement for certified, professional expertise.




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